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Folk-Prog from Berlin

Music that tells stories - music off the beaten path

Favni combine acoustic instruments with rock appeal, folkloristic influences with elements of progressive rock, melancholic moments with sound explosions. Flutes, viola and various acoustic guitars interact with keyboards and electric guitars; complex structures and odd time signatures are an integral part of the musical style. There is no one category into which the Fauns allow themselves to be put; their music thrives on the variety of its different influences, the unifying element being intensity of emotion and atmosphere.


June 2017. Concert hiatus

Back home after a great evening in Wustrau (again!), which this year included a midsummer bonfire ("Johannesfeuer")" on the meadow in front of the church. Even Berlin/Brandenburg TV channel rbb dropped by and included a three-second sequence from the concert in their programme "Der Landstreicher" (currently to be seen here). Spot the tune!

There will be no concerts for the coming months due to another baby break. The gig provisionally scheduled for July 28th at Arcanoa in Kreuzberg has been cancelled; in our stead, the duo Zweikant will play that day.

June 2016. Favni announced for "Herbstmond 2" compilation

On September 4th, At Sea Compilations will be releasing Herbstmond 2, a compilation of folk-inspired music, which will include Favni alongside artists such as Omnia, Irfan, Louisa John-Krol and Cesair. The album can be downloaded for free from www.at-sea-compilations.de or at http://atseacompilations.bandcamp.com.

May 2016. 20th Anniversary Concert

Since the release concert on April 15 went so smoothly we decided on something somewhat more extravagant:

Flyer-2016-06-02 (41K)

On June 2, 2016 we will be celebrating our twentieth stage anniversary with a set that will comprise songs from twenty years of our band history. There will be guest appearances (wait and see!) and CD-bundle at bargain price. Apart from us, there will be two prog metal groups, Road Not Taken and Emmeleya whose songs and musical skill are well worth checking out.

Reduced price tickets are available diretly from us – qrite us a quick message via email or Facebook!

Fauns/Emmeleya/Road Not Taken
Thursday, 2 June 2016, Wabe (Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin)
Doors open at 19.30, concert starts at 20.30
Doors: 10 EUR (reduced 8 EUR), Reduced tickets bought from the bands: 6 EUR

May 2016. Favni on Orkus-Compilation


German-language dark rock/goth magazine Orkus! likewise celebrate their 20th anniversary – and our song "The Visionary" appears on the CD-compilation that goes with the anniversary issue.

01. CREMATORY – Ravens Calling
02. AYRIA – Sticks And Stones
03. TERROLOKAUST – I’ve Heard It All Before
04. GLENN LOVE – The City Cries
05. TROPICAL HORSES – Impenetrable Darkness
06. MESSER BRÜDER – Fake Fake Copyright
07. VADOT – Was zählt? (Mind Mix)
08. INTENT:OUTTAKE – Silberstreif
09. PSY’AVIAH FEAT. MARI KATTMAN – Lessons From The Past
10. ENTRZELLE – Secondary To My Love
11. ARSINE TIBÉ – Everywhere II
12. FAVNI – The Visionary

April 2016. Windswept


Our new album "Windswept" is finally finished. The discs have arrived from the pressing plant and the gate-fold digi-sleeve covers have been lovingly folded and glued by hand. Available from Friday, April 15 via this website, Amazon and as download from Bandcamp.

March 2016. Favni...

It's finally happening: on Friday, April 15, 2016, three years after we began recording, our new album "Windswept" is going to be released, and of course that calls for a concert: We're playing at Slaughterhouse (Kulturfabrik Moabit, Lehrter Straße 35, 10557 Berlin), together with Kave (www.kave-music.com). Doors open at 8.30, concert begins at 9.30. Admission will be 7 EUR at the door; buy tickets from us in advance for 5 EUR!

Flyer-2016-04-15 (41K)

The new album won't be released under the name of "Fauns", however: We've decided, after more than 20 years, on a name change and release "Windswept" under the band name of "Favni". This is to acknowledge the changed line-up with Tom on electric guitar and Kirsten on flute, viola and vocals, but also owing to the the fact that there's no longer only the band "Faun" from Bavaria, but also "The Fauns" from Bristol, who've also released several albums. This has started to confuse people (and online platform software...). The decision wasn't an easy one after all this time, and the new name "Favni" is definitely intended to transport a sense of continuity. And of course, we'll continue to pack our old CDs and to play the old songs. (Our old website can be accessed here: Old website.) To celebrate the past 20 years of the Fauns, we've planned an anniversary concert at WABE in Berlin-Pankow for June 2nd.

If you're interested in the particulars behind the name change and the new album, tune in to Radio Böthner (www.radio-boethner.de next Tuesday, March 29th, 3-4p.m. on ALEX: 88,4 MHz und 90,7 MHz (UKW), 92,6 MHz (Berlin cable) and on www.alex-berlin.de/radio. You'll also get to hear some of our new music. Watch out for more news on our website and on facebook...

Hoping to see many of you at the upcoming gigs!

November 2015. Anniversary Concert

On December 6, 1995, the Fauns played their first concert at the Waldoberschule in Berlin-Charlottenburg. It looked something like this:

On December 4, 2015 we celebrate this anniversary with a gig at the Slaughterhouse in Berlin-Moabit. It's going to be a colourful evening together with Nanofish Dippers (Reggae/Ska) and Shipwreck Rats (Irish and Scottish folk). Come along and bring your friends!

What happened earlier...

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"The band allows the natural rhythms of the language to dictate their meditative pace and epic scope. [Nén] is a worthy exercise in Tolkien's linguistic aesthetic that draws in both speakers and non-speakers of Quenya. Great stuff. The Tolkien Music List says check it out!"
Chris Seeman, Tolkien Music List
"There is that same strong folk vibe intertwined with some harsher guitar sounds (which made Leaffall such a joyous surprise)... Another bombshell release that has rocked my progressive world, fans of prog-folk need to add this and 'schnell' to their collection."
Thomas Szirmay, Progarchives.com (May 31, 2012)
"This German prog-folk newcomer released this debut in 2007 with little or no recognition and it's a damn shame!"
Thomas Szirmay, Progarchives.com (Apr 13, 2012)
"'Awaiting the Sun' is a relaxing journey through a mostly peaceful dream and strangely soothing. [...] Especially a good choice after a hard and stressful day!"
Petra Whiteley, Reflections of Darkness (Apr 21, 2011)
"Hier werden Fantasy-Folk, melancholischer Metal und progressiver Siebzigerrock harmonisch in 40 gefühlvollen Minuten gebündelt [...] und mit einem runden Instrumentarium veredelt. Erlauschenswert!"
Peter Sailer, Zillo
"A questa corrente si rifanno i tedeschi Fauns, giovani autori di un art-rock ideale da ascoltare alle ultime luci del sole, calpestando manti di foglie autunnali o vedendo le brume che avvolgono il sottobosco."
Donato Zoppo, MOVIMENTIprog (Jan 23, 2010)
"LeafFall" ist ein Geheimtipp und ich empfehle sehr mal reinzuhören und sich bei Gefallen das Album über die Website der Formation zu bestellen. Diese Musik ist wahrlich nicht alltäglich!
Ralf 'Jogi' Ruhenstroth, Home of Rock (Jun 07, 2008)
"Die FAUNS spielen rundum schönen Folk Rock mit eigener Note, der ganz für sich selbst spricht und eben etwas Beschwingtes ausstrahlt, vielleicht noch am Ehesten vergleichbar mit Circulus aus dem englischen Königreich oder den leider früh verblichenen Promethean aus Finnland, also Bands mit Anleihen am 70er Prog/Folk Rock."
Thor Wanzek, Legacy
"Ce qui ne devait être qu'un album de folk métal de plus à l'écoute du premier morceau, s'est finalement avéré un excellent album de folk tout court, voire de folk progressif, du genre de ceux qui sortent du lot. Excellent dans le genre."
Dr Praug, Prog-résiste 57
"Des mélodies sans faiblesse pour réunir les copains autour de la platine..."
Catherine Codridex,
Highlands Magazine 58